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3 oz handleless cup with terracotta ball legs saucer

3 oz handleless cup with terracotta ball legs saucer

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 This 3 oz espresso coffee cup has small black dots and is glazed inside and partly unglazed on the outside to feel the mud texture under the glaze.  The plate, on the other hand, is in the form of a flat plate using terracotta clay and establishes a balanced connection to the ground with three ball feet attached to it.  Enjoy your coffee and plan your day with this modern minimalist designed espresso cup.  The cup features a contemporary coffee cup design with cylindrical smooth edges, you will be happy to have this cool design piece in your collection.

  Espresso tumbler was prepared by slab method and cooked at 1250 degrees.  The handmade ceramic espresso mug is the perfect size for a double shot.  It is a handmade gift that coffee lovers cannot give up.  With its unusual design, it is a nice alternative that you can choose as a house warming gift or to complete your own interior design.

  Each prepared ceramic pot may differ from each other in terms of color, texture and shape.

  This means that the product is unique to you and not entirely in the hands of the artist.

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  Each of the products has its own box and is packaged.

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